I Have Hip Pain, What Are My Treatment Options?

I have hip pain, what are my treatment options? The most commonly prescribed treatment options are: REST Consistent study findings have shown bed rest is NOT an effective treatment for acute pain. My advice is to stay active and continue ordinary modified activities, which will result in a faster return to work, play and decrease […] Read more »

Relief Help for Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo and Dizziness  How to Get Relief From Vertigo and Dizziness Around and around and around and around and around…Do you remember spinning yourself around as a child, purposefully trying to create that feeling of a spinning room? Fortunately, this “fun” self-induced room spinning only lasts for a few brief seconds and then disappears. Many […] Read more »

Free Seminar on Peripheral Neuropathy

We Fix U Bowmanville Hosting a Free Seminar on Peripheral Neuropathy Do you get that feeling of pins and needles throughout your body? Numbness in your hands or feet? Tingling or burning sensations throughout your body? Weakness in your arms or legs? Sharp shooting or burning pains? If so, you may have a condition called […] Read more »

We are bringing you the BEST of the BEST in February!

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Our Chiropractor  has been voted “BEST CHIROPRACTOR” in Northumberland and now he’s coming to Oshawa! Dr. Karam, Our  We-Fix-U Chiropractor  is excited work with the patients at We-Fix-U Physiotherapy and Foot Health Centre. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in different chiropractic techniques to our team. Dr. Karam is a firm believer in […] Read more »

The Amazing Benefits of Stretching


Everyone knows that exercise is a part of healthy living, but do you consider a stretching routine part of your exercise program, or as an afterthought that gets done if “time permits?” Since no one ever has enough time, you may want to reconsider how you view exercise, as there are so many benefits to […] Read more »

How to Stay Active at Work


Having a desk job will naturally keep you from moving about in a natural fashion. The less you are active, the more you will experience fatigue and stiffness, both mentally and physically. Taking the time to move around and create a more comfortable environment for yourself may seem like wasted time, but your productivity will […] Read more »