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For some, it’s about being able to work in their garden again, golfing with friends, or picking up their child. For others it may be reconnecting with their family, returning to work, or playing sports again. Whether you’re an athlete, a stay-at-home parent, an on-the-go business person, or a retiree, if you’re looking for a  Chiropodist, Physiotherapist or Registered Massage Therapist in your area, then our team is ready to help you get the results that you are looking for – relief from your pain and injuries.

At We-Fix-U Physiotherapy and Foot Health Centres we understand that pain and disability impact your life and you don’t always have enough time to take care of yourself. That is why our goal at We-Fix-U is to get you better faster, and keep you better longer.

Our collaborative team of multidisciplinary health care practitioners use a holistic approach to your well being. This allows us to consult with various experts on our team, to ensure we aim to give you the best and most comprehensive approach to getting you better.

Therapeutic massage is offered by Registered Massage Therapists as a treatment for back and neck pain, whiplash, stress, pregnancy-related muscle pain, sports and other soft-tissue injuries.

Our Chiropodists and Physiotherapists have been awarded “Best Physiotherapist” and “Best Foot Specialist” for fourteen consecutive years!

We also offer performance and health enhancement services, reinforcing our proactive approach to client care in the workplace and in everyday life.



Pain Relief Solutions

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The We-Fix-U Standards of Care

At We-Fix-U our goal is to:

  1. Resolve your symptoms so you can start to feel better, faster.
  2. Discover the root of the problem so we can prevent it, and new ones, from returning.
  3. Make your treatment fun, friendly, effective and professional