Pre-concussion testing is your best prevention
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Here is what parents and coaches need to know when it comes to concussions in their young athletes.

• A concussion is a brain injury that affects how your brain works.
• A concussion can happen even if you haven’t been knocked unconscious.
• There was about a 60% increase in the estimated number of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries seen among young athletes during the past decade.

A Pre-Concussion Screening measures an athlete’s memory, attention, concentration, and problem solving abilities. With this testing we are able to determine the level of functionality prior to any brain injury. If an athlete then sustains a head injury, they would be re-evaluated within a few days after the injury and will receive subsequent followup testing as necessary.

After a concussion happens, it is important to measure how well your brain functions post-injury. Knowing this information can help your athlete get better, faster. We believe that it is an important step to concussion management that starts before the injury actually takes place. As a result, a valid Concussion Screening is the first step to effective concussion management.

We-Fix-U has become the hub of pre-concussion testing. Providing screening for Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Rugby players.

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