“Helping You Recover is Our Priority”

We Fix U’s Dedicated Team of Therapists and Admins

Our highly qualified therapists are committed in providing the best treatment and customer satisfaction. Our team includes Physiotherapists, Chiropodists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Psychotherapists, and Experienced Administrators. Our therapists serve in 5 locations across Bowmanville, Cobourg, Oshawa, Peterborough, and Port Hope. Click into one of the locations below to learn more about our therapists and schedule appointments.

What We-Fix-U patients are saying:

“This is my second injury that has been treated at We-Fix-U. In both cases I was assessed with great care and detail, then effectively treated with a variety of therapy that resulted in quick healing. I especially appreciate that I was taught exercises that promote self-help and healing instead of chronic dependence on their care. I am now a success story, Thank you!!”

three cobourg therapists profiles side by side

What We-Fix-U patients are saying:

“My experience at the We Fix-U Cobourg location was second-to-none, excellent customer service from everyone at this clinic. I felt safe that We Fix-U takes the cleaning and sanitizing of the clinic seriously during COVID-19. I learned different stretches and exercises to do to relieve the pain I have in my neck. My therapist educated me on my body and why I experienced pain and discomfort.”

three oshawa therapists profiles side by side

What We-Fix-U patients are saying:

“Severely messed up my shoulder and they are doing fantastic at pain management. Working now on getting the arm and shoulder working properly again. The therapists really take an interest in your care and work hard to “FIX U”. I have been to other places and this one has really impressed me so far.”

three wefixu physio clinic port hope therapist profiles

What We-Fix-U patients are saying:

“The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, respectful and fabulous. I bring my friend who had a stroke 2 years ago, for physio and rehabilitation. These amazing folks have accomplished more in a couple of months than the hospital did in over a year and a half. They never give up and are always researching new methods to help him in his recovery. It is wonderful to see him succeed and feel good about his recovery. I can’t say enough about this centre. Well-done!”

What We-Fix-U patients are saying:

“Five stars! The service provided is amazing. The staff are friendly, professional and caring. I always feel comfortable at my appointments and my health has improved since switching to this clinic. Highly recommend. Kudos to the staff at We-Fix-U Peterborough!”

management staff profiles

What We-Fix-U patients are saying:

“Excellent facility with very friendly staff. Super clean and as an extra bonus has a great Physiotherapist who is outstanding in his field. Plus, the massage therapists are great and Dave Evans the owner ensures all safety measures are of the highest standards and protocol. Thank you all for your great services and I highly recommend them. Five stars all the way!!”

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