We-Fix-U Medical Gym

The Medical Gym

To ensure a successful recovery, we offer Physiotherapist / Kinesiologist driven programs with direct supervision. This is the gym to receive guidance during rehab and get in shape for a healthier lifestyle.

This Works Really Well

“I came here for physical therapy which was excellent, I was really taken care of. I have started improving and the gym was suggested to me. I have gone to a gym before but without supervision. I never really knew what to do. So this works really well”.



  • $40/month membership to the “We-Fix-U Medical Gym.”
  • PTA and Kinesiologist driven program with supervision from Physiotherapist / Chiropractor staff.
  • Prefabricated exercise program: Bike/Treadmill, Stretch, Body-weight routine for legs and bands for arms.
  • Call to book a time slot on the bike or treadmill. Weights, bands, stretch-bar and exercise balls will all be available anytime.
  • Located at We-Fix-U Port Hope at 125 Toronto Rd, Port Hope, ON L1A 3S6 and we accept all We-Fix-U patients

Contact us to get started today. We're excited to help you achieve your fitness goals!

With the right guidance under our Physiotherapy and Chiropractic team, you could get direct feedback and are much more likely to recover at a faster pace. The programs at the gym are designed by our Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists with only one thing in mind, to help you get back on your feet so you could enjoy a healthier lifestyle sooner. We are also stocked with various gym equipment including exercise bikes, benches, weights, and more. 

The We-Fix-U Medical Gym is located at our Port Hope clinic and we welcome patients across all the clinics. Join us today! 

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