Nil Satam

Physiotherapy Assistant 

Therapist at Oshawa

nil physio assistant profile

Hello everyone my name is Nil Satam. I am a PTA at the We-Fix-U Physiotherapy clinic, Oshawa. I am an internationally educated Physiotherapist and currently in the process of PCE exam. 

I love the Physiotherapy profession because I love to see people reach their highest potential in life without pain and I am a part of that process. As a team, we help everyone reach their goal and live their best life. 

My favourite joint is the ankle because our whole body is standing on it, a lot can be described to us just by looking at them. Also, I like to learn new things every day. I Like to connect with our clients and ensure they are comfortable and ready for the leap they are looking for. 

Besides my profession, I like to be more active by going to the gym or watching Formula 1 and Soccer games on the weekend. 

nil physio assistant profile
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