Physiotherapist and Clinic Manager

Therapist at Peterborough

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Julie grew up in Peterborough and was a competitive athlete in soccer and hockey. Being exposed early to the benefits of physical therapy in treating her own injuries, she discovered her passion for helping others get back to doing the things they love.  She did her undergraduate degree at University of Toronto in Physical and Health Education and enjoyed playing varsity soccer.  She went on to complete a Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy degree at University of Toronto in 1999.

She has post graduate education in manual therapy techniques, Level 3 acupuncture, neural mobilization, vestibular rehab, concussion management, chronic pain and advanced exercise prescription. She is also GLA:D certified (training to work with individuals who have osteoarthritis).

Julie takes a hands on/active/educational approach to developing and personalizing a treatment plan that assists her clients back to function and returning them to the activities they enjoy doing. Her strength is actively listening to her clients needs and empathetically working with them in collaboration to achieve their goals.

Areas of professional interest include sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, shoulder injuries, arthritic conditions, post surgical rehab and chronic pain management. 

In her free time, Julie is an avid sports fan, enjoys music, cooking and entertaining, traveling around the world with her camera and spending quality time with family and friends.

If you’re interested in living an active pain free life, Julie can help you achieve that.

Julie smiling profile picture
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