When you have to be careful about what you can or cannot do because your back or neck hurts, it’s time to do something about it. Medication masks the pain and does not treat the underlying problem, which is mechanical. Surgery and injections are a last resort and should only be considered when all else has failed.

For the vast majority of back pain, sciatica and neck pain sufferers, physiotherapy is the perfect solution that naturally restores spinal health. With physiotherapy, there is no cracking, popping, injections, or pushing through pain. Physical therapy evaluates how your spine moves and functions.

Our evaluation process easily pinpoints the root cause of your spinal problems. Then, through a specific plan of gentle hands-on techniques and exercises, we restore your spine’s flexibility, strength, posture and coordination. Imagine your sore muscles soothed, your joints moving freely, and feeling strong. Imagine easily bending down or lifting something without fear of hurting your back or neck. All this can happen by trying physiotherapy first.

wefixu port hope clinic physiotherapist training patient to do arm rehab by pulling down exercise bands


Before trying other aggressive medical procedures, you should always try physical therapy first with a certified physiotherapist. Many studies point to the fact that trying physiotherapy first achieves much higher results and costs significantly less than other forms of treatment. In the rare instance that more invasive procedures are required, physical therapy is also an important part of your recovery and helps you return to work, play and living a pain-free life. Bowmanville Physios at We-Fix-U have years of medical training in examining how the body moves and are registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Discover simple actions you can take to relieve your pain quickly and naturally. You and your spine will be glad that you did.

Reach us at any of our five convenient physiotherapy treatment centres: Bowmanville ClinicCobourg ClinicOshawa ClinicPeterborough Clinic, and Port Hope Clinic. You can also book online.

This article is the final part of our back pain relief manual; You can download it free by clicking here.

Dave Evans

Owner / Registered Physiotherapist



About the Author

This article was written by We-Fix-U’s Owner and experienced Registered Physiotherapist. He has taken a special interest in treating back injuries since his own back surgery and rehab experience. His highlights have been working as a Physio alongside the athletes from the 2000 Olympics. Dave is always willing to help when needed.

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