As a Physiotherapist, here is my advice to all of you who wish you were 30 again: 

THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO CONTINUE TO PUT UP WITH YOUR PAIN OR LOSS IN MOBILITY.  Thousands of research articles will back me up when I say that the majority of people dealing with Arthritis, the aging process, sciatica, range of motion loss, due to pain and weakness are all conditions that are easily treated with Physiotherapy.

If you have arthritis, for example in your knee, most Doctors will say “just live with it, you are getting older”

But, if this was truly an arthritic problem why do you not have it in the other knee or all your major joints?

The answer is that your alignment of that joint is off which is giving you arthritic-like symptoms.  Fix the alignment in your body, and your body wears more evenly.  Fix the muscle imbalances, lost range of motion and/or foot deformity, your pain goes away and you have less irregular wear on your joints -which means you will be able to get back to doing the things that you love. 

Now you are thinking, will this work for me? 

We are offering you a FREE no obligation, 15-minute PAIN SCREENING with a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor in Oshawa

Bring your physical and painful challenges, all your questions and concerns and we will let you know if and how we can help you.  We will listen, really listen to you.  We will answer your questions and discuss all of your options with you.

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David Evans Owner wefixu looking at the cameraAbout the Author:

This article was written by our Owner / Physiotherapist Dave Evans. He has taken a special interest in treating back injuries since his own back surgery and rehab experience.  His highlights have been working as a Physio along side the athletes from the 2000 Olympics. Dave is always willing to help when needed. 

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