4 Easy Exercise for Sciatica Pain Relief

When your sciatica nerve is compressed, sciatica pain in your back or leg could be quite painful. Here are 4 simple exercises you could do at home to relieve pain in your sciatica nerve. You could also read this post here to learn about common facts and symptoms on sciatica. 

Person doing Iliopsoas Stretch

Iliopsoas Stretch


Kneel on the ground, uninvolved leg forwards. Place your hands on your hips. Tuck your tailbone under (flattening your lower back).

Lean forwards, while maintaining straight posture and keeping your head up. Avoid arching your low back or let your hips roll forwards. Hold 20 seconds, repeat 3 times each side.

Person doing Adductor Stretch off Wall

Adductor Stretch (Wall)


Lie on your back, feet on wall as shown.

Cross the ankle of the leg you want to stretch overtop of your opposite knee. Lean your trunk slowly forwards until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, do 3 each side.

person doing Hip Hike/ Step

Hip Hike / Step


Stand on the edge of a step.

Drop your free foot down. Now shif yourhips to raise your free foot as high as youcan. Keep your knees straight at all times.Try 10 times each side.

person doing SLR Dural Mobility/ Knee

SLR Dural Mobility/ Knee


Lay on back with leg elevated. Bend one hip and knee to 90 degrees.

Straighten your knee. At the same time bend your foot up until you feel a gentle stretch, hold 5 seconds. Bend your knee back down.

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Dave Evans

Owner / Registered Physiotherapist

About the Author

This article was written by We-Fix-U’s Owner and experienced Registered Physiotherapist in Bowmanville. He has taken a special interest in treating back injuries since his own back surgery and rehab experience.  His highlights have been working as a Physio alongside the athletes from the 2000 Olympics. Dave is always willing to help when needed.

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