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All New Patients please read this New Patient Manual.  The information inside will allow you achieve better results and will answer a lot of the questions you may have about the treatment process you will be going through.






New Patients


Welcome to our office!  Your initial appointment with our expert health practitioners at We-Fix-U establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you.  During your first appointment, we make sure to obtain important background information, like your medical history, and give you time to get to know your practitioner.

Your first appointment will also consist of a thorough assessment so that we may determine the exact root cause of your problem(s).  Our expert health practitioners will explain your diagnosis and treatment options, and will discuss and set realistic long term and short term treatment goals to guide treatment and help measure the success of your treatment. Typically we begin treatment at your first appointment, saving you time and expense, while initiating relief of your pain or problem.

Please remember to bring the following to your initial appointment:

  1. While a doctor’s referral isn’t required, please bring the referral slip with you if your doctor has provided one.
  2. A list of medications you are presently taking.
  3. If you have been in a Motor-Vehicle Accident, the more information you can provide for us, the quicker we are able to get approval for your treatment.  Please bring with you:  all information regarding your accident, date of your accident, policy and claim numbers for your extended health benefits (we must exhaust this before billing your accident insurance provider) and your accident benefits package. 
  4. If you are a Veteran Covered by Blue Cross (Veteran’s Affairs):  Please bring your DVA (Blue Cross) card.
  5. If you have had a work-related injury and have WSIB coverage, please bring your date of loss and your claim number
  6. If you qualify for OHIP funded physiotherapy, please bring your Ontario Health Card and your doctor’s referral slip. (OHIP Funding is only available at the Cobourg & Port Hope Clinics)

What Should I Wear to My Appointment?


It is best to wear clothing that will allow the therapist access to the affected area of the body. Shorts and gowns are available to borrow from our facility.


Loose pants that are easily rolled allow the Chiropodist full access to the foot for treatment. Also, bringing shoes which are worn most often (one or 2 pair) and any previously worn orthotics will provide necessary information for the session.

Massage Therapy

Once a treatment plan is mutually agreed upon the massage therapy treatment can commence. Every aspect of the treatment (positioning, draping, techniques used, etc.) will be explained and your verbal consent must be given to proceed. During the treatment, the only areas of your body that will be uncovered are those that the therapist is immediately treating. Please note that treatments can be applied through your clothing or through a sheet. However, the treatment will be more effective with direct contact. Oils or lotions are used to eliminate friction on the tissue and nourish the skin. Your therapist will be monitoring your comfort level and you are encouraged to comment and ask questions. You can stop or modify your treatment at any time for any reason.

After your treatment you may experience some discomfort and/or headache. This is common and should dissipate by the following day. Remember, massage therapy is not a quick-fix panacea and it is the combination of remedial exercise, activity modification, and subsequent treatments that are all important to achieve your goals. Enjoy your massage!

Patient Forms

Below are forms we require you to complete prior to your assessment by any of our expert health staff.  The information you provide to us is a legal and mandatory requirement of our regulatory bodies, is kept confidential and is necessary for your practitioner to determine your diagnosis as well as provide you with an accurate treatment program.   In order to save time please print and complete them before your appointment.  Please ensure that you provide a complete and accurate medical history as well as a list of all oral and topical medications you currently use and allergies that you may have.

Download our Welcome & Patient Intake Forms


Download our Massage Medical History Form