Sweaty, stinky feet are embarrassing and annoying… so how do you fix them? Your feet have over 3,000 sweat glands, so when you shove them in tight, dark, shoes it only gets worse. In addition, your dark damp shoes breed bacteria, which will then cause that stinky odor. There are two main ways to reduce the stink. 

You can decrease the amount of bacteria on your feet and decrease the amount of sweat that collects on your feet and in your shoes. To reduce bacteria wash your feet daily, wear clean socks, don’t wear the same shoes everyday – give a pair of shoes 24 hours or more to air out.  To reduce the amount of sweat, wear well-ventilated shoes, always wear absorbent socks and change your socks a few times a day.

If your foot odor is really bad and these solutions don’t help much, we have many products in our clinics, which help to prevent, treat and eliminate foot odor and sweat, including our new advanced ultraviolet technology that kills 99.9% of the fungus, viruses and bacteria in your shoes. We also have Registered Chiropodists in Oshawa on the floor to give you expert advice on foot health. If you are suffering with toenail fungus in your feet you should consider proper toenail fungus treatment

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