Ohhh, good question! We see a lot of patients who have received orthotics for foot pain who don’t actually need them. Not everyone who suffers from foot pain or problems necessarily needs a pair of custom orthotics. When you see a Chiropodist, you are seeing a highly trained and registered medical foot specialist who can provide a wide range of treatments. We can identify your problem and match it to the most appropriate treatment approach or combination of approaches.

In some cases, as well, foot pain or problems may be symptomatic of other more serious foot health issues. Custom Orthotics may or may not be the best approach to help address these symptoms. Our Chiropodists experts in Oshawa can determine the best treatment based on your foot health. We help ensure that any potentially more serious underlying problems do not go undiagnosed and unresolved.

If you have been told that you need orthotics by someone who is not a Chiropodist, or if you think you need them because your friend received them for the same pain you have, see us first. Orthotics can actually create damage if you don’t need them. Why fix something that isn’t broken? 

Cristol Smyth, D. Ch.

We-Fix-U Chiropodist

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