Yes. When inflammation goes away and you can sleep again, this is a sign your treatment is working. However, after a serious injury, prolonged immobilization or temporary disuse, our bodies are left weaker than they were before. This is not the time to stop Physical Therapy or other treatments.

Returning to sport or work too soon can lead to re-injury and your therapist will help you re-integrate these activities into your daily life under their supervision. Visit frequency will likely decrease but it is important that you continue with home strengthening exercises in between scheduled follow up sessions.

As our clients get farther and farther away from their initial injury, and regain strength, many tell us that they feel better than they did before the injury that led them to us. Many say that they wish they had started Physical Therapy years ago so they had not wasted all those years living in pain.

It is at this stage that your We-Fix-U therapy team will work with you to create an easy-to-follow preventative plan that will keep you miles away from chronic pain for years to come. You only have one body to get you through life, so treat yourself to some tender, loving, care before it becomes a major issue.