Flip Flops in Summer

Well it’s that time of year again….our tender tootsies, spent hibernating in hot, sweaty shoes all winter long, are dying to be exposed.  There is nothing better than the first sandal-wearing day of spring. Mmmmmm, I relish the moment.  However, I am absolutely amazed at how many people choose to wear flip-flops most of the time. Sure, they are inexpensive, and some even find them comfortable, but they have NO SUPPORT! If you wear these shoes for every day use, you are risking serious injury to your feet, legs and back – injuries that can create a lifetime of painful problems.

Think about it – how does an extremely flat piece of rubber, held together by another strip of rubber, provide foot support? Now, I don’t have an issue with the shoes themselves – they are great if used for their intended purpose – This little flat rubber shoe is fantastic at the pool or at the beach, providing protection from the hot sand, slippery pool surround, and to protect the foot from viral (plantar warts) and fungal (athlete’s foot and fungal toenails) infections. So, why not use them for just that?

Should I keep wearing Flip Flops?

If, after reading this you decide to keep wearing flip-flops, please consider wearing ones with good arch support…and wear your running/walking shoes when you plan to be on your feet for long periods. Wearing normal flip-flops is not advised for people suffering from flat feet or have high arches. If you need help getting your feet back to good health, our experts Chiropodists in Oshawa would love to help you (and no, we won’t lecture you…you already know better). 

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