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 What is a Physiotherapist?

Does OHIP cover Physiotherapy Services?

 We-Fix-U in Cobourg and Port Hope is approved to accept OHIP funding for eligible Physiotherapy patients…READ MORE

Can you direct bill my insurance company for me?

 We-Fix-U is authorized to direct bill certain insurance companies for physiotherapy and massage therapy services…READ MORE

I’ve got some hip pain. What are some of my treatment options?

 My heal hurts when I  get up in the morning. It feels really sharp. So bad that I can’t put any weight on it. What could be causing this pain?

What should I apply to relieve back pain? Heat or ice?

I keep hearing the term “Chiropodist” pronounced differently. What is correct and what is it?

I’ve got back pain. Is there anything I can do about it?

 Does Laser really work to treat toenail fungus?


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