Read this response only if you deserve better treatment than your Car!

As a Physiotherapist who has seen thousands of arthritic joints. Here is my advice to all of you who wish you were pain-free again: THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO CONTINUE TO PUT UP WITH YOUR PAIN OR LOSS OF MOBILITY.

There is strong research showing that people dealing with Arthritis, the Aging Process, Weakness and lost Range of Motion due to pain are all conditions that are easily treated with a thorough assessment and treatment plan.

You have probably been told that you have to live with your arthritic knee – you are getting older – take this medication to help ease the pain.

If this is truly an arthritic problem, why do you not have it in the other knee or all your major joints? The truth is that your alignment of that joint is off, giving you arthritic-like symptoms (irregular wear and tear). I like to use the analogy of a car to explain this – fix your car alignment, and your tires wear more evenly. The same goes for my example of your knees. If you fix the muscle imbalances, lost range of motion and foot deformity, your pain will decrease, and you will have less irregular wear on your joints. This means more pain-free activities. Call our We-Fix-U Chiropractic care Oshawa hotline today at 905-373-7045 and tell them you deserve better treatment than your car.

Dave Evans,

We-Fix-U Physiotherapist


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