Thank you for bringing this topic up. Unfortunately, physiotherapists rarely get to treat your pain days after the injury. Most come to physiotherapy after the wait-and-see game or “I’ll just do what hurts” or “it will go away sometime.” So, why, in most cases does the pain and loss of function not just go away after resting for a week or ten? The simple answer is the wear and tear we put our bodies through occurs over months to years, and this wearing does not just go away without finding out what is causing this pain and correcting it. You may get short-term relief with rest, but once you return to your normal routine, the pain often comes back.

The pain is your brain telling you enough is enough, STOP, do something to make me better. The best course of action is to see a physiotherapist in Bowmanville right away so they can help your body recover from years of wear and tear. A physiotherapist can determine the root of the shoulder problem and help you fix the reason for your pain. One more thing you need to know is the longer you are in pain, the more your body will compensate to avoid this pain which in turn throws other areas out of alignment, which can cause multiple pain sights.

Save money, and decrease your pain by getting the help your body needs shortly after you feel the pain.

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