Winner of the 2019 Clarington This Week – Readers’ Choice Award

Our Peterborough Clinic has been awarded the 2019 Peterborough This Week – Readers’ Choice Award. This award is voted by the community of Peterborough every year to recognize outstanding businesses. As health care professionals who want only the best for our patients, we are proud to have received this honour.

We were voted #2 in Best Foot Specialist and #3 for Best Physiotherapist. We would like to thank our patients for choosing and trusting us. We would like also like to give a shout out to our committed and hardworking staff. 

⭐️ 2nd Place Platinum Winner of the 2019 Best Foot Specialist 

⭐️ 3rd Place Gold Winner of the 2019 Best Physiotherapist 

⭐️ Winner of the 2019 Foot Care Clinic

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