You reach for a bowl high in the cupboard.  OUCH! 

You try to pull your shirt over your head.  OUCH!

You throw a ball to your son.  OUCH!

Even washing your hair hurts!

Shoulder pain is a big issue, and is the most common pain treated by our physiotherapy team in Bowmanville. The shoulder is an unstable joint because of the range of motion allowed.  This instability increases your risk of injury, often leading to pain and preventing you from doing normal every day tasks. Shoulder pain has many symptoms which are dependent on the cause of the pain. If you are unable to carry objects or raise your arm, have pain at night or during rest or pain that persists beyond a few days, it is time for you to visit a physiotherapist to determine the cause of your symptoms.  Physiotherapy is an important aspect of treatment of almost all muscle and joint conditions. Our goal is to increase your strength, regain mobility and help you return to your pre-injury activity level.

There are a few things you can do at home to help your comfort:

Protect: Protect your shoulder. 

Avoid lifting heavy objects and reaching up high.

Apply ice or heat


If you continue to experience pain, come into our physio clinic in Bowmanville, CobourgOshawaPort Hope, and Peterborough.

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