Stay Active Seniors Seminar


Dave Evans resenting to Community Care Northumberland members about the importance of staying active. This is vital to enjoying a good qualtiy of life into your senior years. Contact us to learn how to stay active in the golden years. #DontLetTheGoldenYearsSuck If you would like a FREE presentation to your group, give us a call […] Read more »

How to Catch a Big Fish and Not Hurt Yourself

        When you think of sports injuries I bet you never consider injuries sustained while fishing, right? To many people, fishing is a leisure activity associated with a peaceful connection with nature. Most people imagine calm waters, sun and good times when they think of fishing, not injuries. It might be unbelievable […] Read more »

MAY is about helping YOU! (Part 1)

MAY is National Physiotherapy Month and National Foot Health Month. Utilizing experts in these two fields whose skills so strongly compliment each other, helps to return you to your maximum function and a pain free lifestyle. You may not know what a physiotherapist does, though.  You also most likely don’t know what a chiropodist is, let […] Read more »