Morton’s Neuroma


Mortons-Neuroma1What is it?

Nerve inflammation, most often between the third and fourth toes.

 What causes it?

Anything that causes the bones of the foot to be compressed and rub against the nerve such as problems with foot structure or poor fitting footwear that is too tight in the toe area.

Signs and Symptoms:

May begin as a dull pain in the heel and sometimes in the mid or forefoot. Pain may get sharper, more intense, and more persistent over time. Pain is usually worst after getting out of bed in the morning or following a prolonged period of rest. Visible swelling may be present in severe cases.

Prevention and Treatments:

Rest / reduce activity level until symptoms subside; choose low impact activities such as swimming in the interim Metatarsal pad to offload pressure in the area.

Low dye strapping (taping) to immobilize the involved area.

Prescription custom orthotics to help correct structural foot problems causing the pain; a metatarsal pad will generally be prescribed for manufacture into the orthotics

Footwear that is properly suited to your foot type. What to look for in footwear at your local shoe store for your type foot:

Your Chiropodist can provide further footwear advice.