I have toenail fungus. Will I ever be able to wear sandals again?


Normally, after a winter like we are experiencing, you would embrace the pending summer’s warmth and start the hunt for great sandals, except this year you are dreading it. You know you can’t show your toenails in public. Surely people don’t want to look at your thick, discoloured, ugly nails? This thought leaves you feeling embarrassed. You decide the only way to deal with it is to suffer through the heat of summer in your too-hot shoes, or perhaps you decide to wear socks with your sandals. You close away your toes so no one can see what you are hiding.

I want you to know that you are not alone. Toenail fungus affects thousands of people and is the most common foot problem our Chiropodists (foot health experts) treat. Moira was just like you. She hid her toes for YEARS because she didn’t think anything could be done to fix them. She tried everything – medication from her doctor and various home remedies to kill the nasty toenail infection. Moira had given up hope that anything could be done. And then she gave it one last effort and came to We-Fix-U. Our experts explained the cause of toenail fungus and why it is difficult to get rid of. They also discussed our most successful treatment method, which includes our new LASER technology. Although skeptical, Moira decided that she didn’t have anything to lose. She really wanted her toenails to look “normal” again. She was tired of hiding them, and she wanted people to stop staring at her feet (!) when she dared to wear sandals. She wanted to show off her healthy nails. And guess what? That is EXACTLY what Moira gets to do this summer.

If you want to get the same great results as Moira, call us now to schedule your toenail fungus assessment. It’s not too late to buy those great sandals.