FAQ: Laser Treatment of Toenail Fungus

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Is the laser treatment done in your office?

Yes.  We have a special room set up to perform the nail laser treatments.  The actual laser treatments last about 30 minutes. Your nails may need to be thinned prior to your laser treatment in order to achieve the best results.

 How Many Treatments will I Need?

 Depending on the severity of your condition, 3 treatments are usually recommended.  Each treatment is done one month apart.

 Does the Treatment Hurt?

You may experience a gentle warming or tingling as the laser works to clear your nail.

 How Soon Will I See Improvement?

 On average, a toenail will replace itself every 12-18months. Healthy new growth will be visible within the first 3 months as your nails continue to grow following the laser treatment. We highly recommend that a topical anti-fungal agent be used in conjunction to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

What are the Side Effects of Nail Laser?

There are no side effects on your body as the light beam of the laser is focused on the affected area only.  That makes this treatment a very safe alternative to oral prescription medication and there is no interruption in your regular activities.