Commonly Used Modalities

TENS- Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

This will cause a decrease in pain by a release of chemicals or by stimulating nerves that inhibit your sensation of pain. The sensation should feel ‘tingly’ or like ‘pins and needles’ but never painful. This should not contract muscles.

IFC- Interferential Current

IFC is used to treat pain and reduce inflammation. It can treat a large area and the current goes deeper into the injured tissue that TENS. The sensation should feel ‘tingly’ or like ‘pins and needles’ but never painful.

EMS- Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS is an electrical stimulation that will cause a contraction of your muscle. This should not be painful, but a strong tingling sensation. This is used to activate a specific muscle that requires strengthening.


This machine uses ultrasound waveforms to produce a deep heating effect. It promotes healing by increasing blood flow and reducing swelling. The patient should not feel anything, at the most a mild warmth.

Electro Acuscope

The Electro Acuscope is a computerized instrument designed to scan and treat pain. It monitors and regulates the electrical activity of the body at the cellular level. It re-establishes the normal charge on cells so healing can occur more quickly. The patient should feel a slight prickly feeling at most.

Laser- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation

Low power (cold) laser works as an anti-inflammatory, helps with pain control, edema reduction, and tissue healing. This machine is non-ionizing, thus non-cancer causing.

Infrared Light Therapy

This treatment causes a release of certain chemicals from the blood, which helps to increase circulation, reduce pain and restore nerve function. It is commonly used to treat nerve damage caused by diabetes, chronic pain conditions, arthritis, fibromaylagia, tendonitis, and also to heal wounds. Treatment is painless; most people feel a warm and relaxing sensation. Patients with nerve damage caused by diabetes may experience a period of increased pain as nerve function returns. This DOES get better with continued treatment.