I Have Hip Pain, What Are My Treatment Options?

I have hip pain, what are my treatment options? The most commonly prescribed treatment options are: REST Consistent study findings have shown bed rest is NOT an effective treatment for acute pain. My advice is to stay active and continue ordinary modified activities, which will result in a faster return to work, play and decrease […] Read more »

Where Is Your Pain Coming From?


No matter your age, aches, and pains can take the joy out of life’s activities. Whether it’s sore knees after taking a job, or a stiff back while getting out of bed, determining the true cause of the pain can seem frustrating if not impossible. Since pain is the body’s response to a wide variety […] Read more »

Causes of Low Back Pain & How Physical Therapy Can Help

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons people cite for making an appointment with a physical therapist. Most people suffer from lower back pain to varying degrees at some point in their lives. Sometimes, lower back pain is more of an annoyance than anything else, but when lower back pain becomes severe, […] Read more »