The Ankle


Ankle Sprain

The most common injury affecting the ankle is a sprain or tear of one of the many ligaments.

The patient will always experience immediate pain following a traumatic incident causing the injury. The level of pain experienced depends on the severity of the injury, however, the degree of pain and disability does not always correlate well with the severity of the injury. A person sustaining a mild or moderated sprain may experience more pain than one who completely ruptures a ligament. This is because the ligament has been completely severed and there are no longer intact fibers to be stressed, from which pain can be elicited.


Initially, the patient will be advised on the use of ice, elevation, compression, mobility and strengthening exercises that can be done at home. The ankle may be taped to stabilize and reduce excess movement and crutches will be fitted, if needed. Following treatments will include joint mobilizations, friction massage, and progressive strengthening, stretching, and balance exercises.