Regrettably thousands of people with shoulder pain have unsuccessfully tried some sort of shoulder treatment that was found in todays market which had no independent scientific evidence to back up any claims that they can heal your shoulder. This isn’t to suggest that these treatments don’t temporarily help reduce pain, but the absence of pain does not mean an injury has fully healed.   In fact, one of the many reasons people experience chronic pain is because they return to activity prematurely and re-injure themselves. To use an analogy, it’s like assuming that once you see ice on a lake in the winter this means it’s safe to walk on it.   Every year people fall through thin ice because they assumed it was safe to do so (premature).

WFU_Gif Slides_FNLb_2Advanced Shoulder Pain Relief Centre is very unique to the industry of Physiotherapy. Over the past 10 years the rehabilitation health professionals at WE-Fix-U Physiotherapy along with many other shoulder experts in the healthcare field have been developing a program for shoulder pain. This new shoulder program gives you the most comprehensive treatment plan in the industry. This program has been structured in a way to take you through all the stages of healing, maximizing your pain relief and minimizing the likelihood of re-injury or surgery (worse pain).

To date 94% of the people just like you who have successfully completed our Shoulder Pain Relief Program are Pain Free. Better yet, the likelihood of them re-injuring is gone.

Six keys components to our Shoulder Pain Relief Program;

  1. Reducing pain and inflammation as soon as possible.
  2. Creating the optimal environment for your injury to heal AND giving it enough time for your repairing tissue to fully mature.
  3. Teaching you to listen to your body when it’s painful and understanding what the right decisions are to prevent re-aggravation that can lead to permanent, chronic pain.
  4. Designing a safe and appropriate exercise program for your injury at each stage of tissue healing.
  5. Executing some form of exercise daily to maintain your fitness level and the healthy function of the unaffected joints and muscles.
  6. Living an Active and Healthy lifestyle again.

Your next move should be painless. Call Advanced Shoulder Relief Centre:

Where: We respect your time and have a no wait policy… more staring at the clock wondering when you will actual get in for your treatment.
We have a patient satisfaction GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with the quality of our service we will make it right free of charge.
We are not your typical medical office. When you see our Rehabilitation Health Care Professionals you are entering an environment where we strive to be fun, friendly, effective and professional.
All our Medical Professionals have taken advanced training in their fields. The have taken at least 6-7 years of university and numerous post graduate courses. Currently, they all have over 15 years of experience helping people just like you.
Our success is your success, we have helped 10’s of 1000’s of people just like you become active and enjoying a pain free living.

Finally, we truly LISTEN to you. You are not rushed, your concerns are heard and we want to help you get relief fast.